Believe it or not, a lot of people are actually searching for whether or not plus size models workout online. The general public truly does not know that if you have some extra cushion for the pushin’, you still exercise. Even more, they’re unsure of whether a professional that uses their appearance to make a living actually takes steps to manage their appearance.


The average American woman is now considered “plus size”, but we are still using these terms to segregate categories of women based upon their waistline. It is absolutely ridiculous, so hopefully this article stops the searching.


Yes, plus size models workout. Or better yet, models do workout.


Their rigorous schedules, like making it to set at 5am, being in hair and makeup for two hours, then begin photographed and filmed for eight-hours straight, require high energy. In order to maintain a healthy and firm body, and keep high energy, curvy models have to watch their eating habits and workout regularly. Keeping your sexy curves is just as hard as having a flat stomach. Proper nutrition plays a big role, and so does the consistency of moving your body 35 minutes per day. 


This is also a great time to pause and address the elephant in the room - the shape of popular plus size models. We’re looking at hourglass figures, tiny waists in comparison to the hips and breasts, and little to no cellulite on large, plump, and firm extremities. It’s the Marilyn Monroe look on a larger body, what is seen as desirable to men and women, is accentuating the “feminine” aspects on a body.

There’s no problem with this, except the reality is that most plus size women are not shaped like an hourglass. We’re shaped like apples and pears and strawberries, and we want to know what that dress is going to look like on someone shaped like us! We also want to know that we will look and feel desired in our clothing. The Curvy Fashionista shows us 6 plus size apple shaped influencers giving us the virtual representation we've been longing for - we are here for it!


This is where fashion brands drop the ball, they do not take into consideration the vast shapes of our bodies once we hit that 1X size. A pear shaped body that is a size small or medium looks very different from a pear shaped 3X or 5X because the composition of where our weight falls depends upon our activity levels and our genetics.

It’s why many fashion brands have steered away from truly designing for plus size women, the expense of testing so many different variations to ensure a beautiful fit is financially and emotionally demanding. I encourage you to support brands that take this extra step in product development and testing, like we do with Tribe 35 plus size leggings.


Plus size models may also be fit models, where the consistency of their measurements over time is crucial to the success of a clothing brand’s development. Similar to a boxer “making weight”, fit models want to maintain their measurements for their clients needs.

An aspiring plus size model?

Here are some popular workouts for endurance building:

  1. Power Walking
  2. Dancing
  3. Jogging
  4. Cycling


Here are some popular workouts for strength building and increased stamina:

  1. Squats (get your pair of squat-proof Ultra High Waist Leggings first!)
  2. Pushups
  3. Burpees
  4. Jumping Jacks


Here are some popular stretching routines for increased flexibility:

  1. Neck and Shoulder Rolls
  2. Child's Pose
  3. Knee to Chest Stretch
  4. Cobra Stretch


If you're not the next Ashley Graham, that's OK, sis! You should still development a self care routine that leaves you feeling fulfilled and refreshed. No matter your circumstances, Tribe 35 wants you to take care of yourself.

We want you to dedicate 35 minutes of each day to your self care, whatever that looks like, for YOU. Sometimes it will be a power walk in your neighborhood, or a long bubble bath, or deciding to actually read that book on your nightstand that's collecting dust.

Do you workout for your self care? Let us know in the comments below!