The ultimate legging:

The Corset Legging!

Perfectly cinches in your core, creates an irresistible hourglass waist, lifts your butt, and hugs you in all the right places! Perfect for postpartum, too. Guarantee zero roll down.

Feel the Tribe difference

We're dedicated to making women feel good about who they are!

Love and enhance your natural shape with Tribe 35's four C's: Control, Compress, Contour and give Comfort to the body.

Notes from the tribe
Notes from the tribe
“This athleisure was made for a curvy woman. I LOVE the Ultra High Waist Leggings. Definitely a new staple for my everyday life!”
— @rescuefairy
Notes from the tribe
“The best leggings I have ever worn. Not exaggerating.”
— Erica Lauren
Notes from the tribe
“This set was absolutely MADE for women with curves. It was the fit, stretch and the waistband for me! Thank you so much, Tribe 35, for keeping me motivated and most importantly comfortable in this set.”
— @emgeneve

Hourglass perfection

Ready to look snatched and sculpted? The search for the perfect fit is over!

More than your average leggings…