5 Abdominal Exercises That Can Benefit From You Wearing Tummy Control Leggings 

Two things can be true: you can love your plus size body and still desire tummy smoothing leggings that will help suck in your stomach and give you an hourglass figure. 

Trust us, we’re all about body positivity; however,if there’s something non-invasive or a “quick fix” that could make us look snatched, we’re all for it. 

What you’ll learn in this blog post is that tummy smooth leggings do more than just make you look-- they can help improve your abdominal workouts.

When we at Tribe-35 developed our patent-pending The Corset legging, we wanted them to check two main boxes: fashionable and functional.  

We also considered their breathability, compression level, tummy control, and how well they would contour the plus size woman’s body. FYI, they do all of that! 

And since we’re a move wear brand, we wanted something that could help our customers who love to perform core exercises such as pilates and yoga.      

Below are 5 Abdominal Targeted Exercises That Can Benefit From You Wearing Tummy Control Leggings 


How to: 

Place your entire body in a supine (on your back) position with your toes and both forearms hitting the ground to give you leverage. Lift your body while using your toes and forearm for support. Hold that position for 10 seconds, release it, and then repeat. 


Along with helping to improve your posture, it helps strengthen your abdominal muscles. 

Mountain Climber

How to:

Start the Mountain Climber in a plank position. Then, take either your left or right knee and bring it towards your chest. Return to the plank position and then bring your alternate knee towards your chest. 


This exercise gives you a complete full-body workout where it helps to strengthen your back, arms, shoulder, legs, and abs. Wearing leggings with compression like ours is especially crucial because you don’t want your legging sliding down when you’re performing this rigorous exercise.    

Toe Touches 

How to:

A non-equipment exercise you can do anywhere, toe touches could be a bit challenging, but they garner great results. Lay on your back with your legs extending toward the ceiling. Extend both your arms in an upward position toward your toes. You can alternate the arm that reaches your toes or you can extend both at the same time. 


This exercise helps to burn fat in your midsection. Having on one of our tummy control leggings will help you sweat more in your midsection while you perform this exercise. 

Plank with Knee Taps 

How to:

This exercise might be a bit advanced, so take your time. Get in a plank position. While your arms and legs are extended, slowly bring your knees toward the floor. 


The Plank with Knee Taps exercise helps to strengthen your chest and abdominal muscles--- basically your core. 

Reverse Crunch 

How to: 

Lay on your back with your arms at your sides and lift your legs toward your chest, and repeat! 


This is an exercise that targets your rectus abdominis muscle a.k.a the 6 packs muscle. It’s definitely not an exercise where you can afford for your leggings to slip and slide down. Make sure you get one of our compression-friendly leggings.   

In conclusion

The desire to look flattering in your clothes is universal. That’s why the shapewear industry continues to boom. Even when you’re working out, you can wear comfortable clothes, which accentuate your curves, sucks you in,  and give your workouts the leverage they need. 

November 14, 2022 — Nataly Chicas