While most people like to think of fall as pumpkin spice season, we prefer to think of it as hoodies, oversized sweaters, and leggings season! Don't get us wrong, we're standing in line for pumpkin spice lattes and smoothies just like the rest of you, but our Tribe 35 Leggings are about to dominate our entire existence. And we know we're not the only weirdos who prefer fall over summer. 

No other season makes you feel like you're an infant being swaddled underneath layers of oversized clothing. Yasssss, insulate us from the realities of adulting and paying bills. In all seriousness, we're excited to help you be fall fashion ready with our beloved corset leggings

Just in case you forgot or haven't experienced our leggings first hand-- although they were inspired by plus size bodies-- they are size inclusive from sizes S to 4X. They're breathable, sweat-wicking, and squat-proof. We haven't worked on them being F Boy proof yet, but we're getting there. One thing for sure, they’ll garner you a lot of attention when you’re rocking them. 

While our customers look great rocking our leggings during their workouts, we designed them to be multifunctional, stylish, and suitable to wear even outside breaking a sweat. 

Meet the compression workout leggings made for more than just working out! 

Here are some fashionable ways to pair Tribe 35 Leggings during the fall:  

Puffer Vest and Tribe 35 Corset Leggings 

Fall is made for puffer vests. Some even come with detachable hoodies- a big plus since the fall brings a lot of rain!! Our leggings paired with a puffer vest, super cute sneakers, and oversized shades give you a sporty chic look, especially when you’re on your way to the gym or Starbucks.      

We have just the perfect fit to make your puffer vest and leggings aesthetic vision a reality: Our Tribal Bra and Legging set is loved by our customers throughout all seasons. 

A vest over our Tribal Bra gives just the right amount of sex appeal without letting it all hang out, especially when you’re running to the post office or Trader Joe's. 

Raincoats and Tribe 35 Corset Leggings 

Don’t you just love the casualness but chicness of fall? What other season can you look like you a million bucks while rocking a raincoat, a sleek ponytail hair extension, and some leggings? 

We’re women on the move, so cute sneakers are often our go-to footwear to rock with our leggings; however, a nice pair of pumps and thigh-high boots (sidebar: ask someone to help you put these things on), helps to elevate the raincoat and leggings look!    

Oversized Shirt and Tribe 35 Corset Leggings 

Oversized shirts can be styled with our corset leggings in multiple ways: 

- You can style your oversized shirt or sweatshirt like a dress with our corset leggings acting like a pair of hosiery. Throw in a stylish belt and booties to complete the look.  

- You can wear your oversized shirt unbuttoned, revealing our tribal bra and legging set. 

- You can leave the first three buttons of your oversized shirt unbuttoned and then tie the ends, revealing corset leggings, starting at the compression section, which helps to control your midsection.  

- You can throw a sweatshirt over your oversized shirt, with our corset leggings as the bottom. Don't forget to throw on a chunky necklace for a great office look 

Blazer, Riding Boots, and Tribe 35 Corset Leggings 

Want to look like you just stepped out of a Ralph Lauren fall magazine ad? Find a quality tweed or wool blazer and pair it with our breathable corset leggings, silk blouse, and riding boots. This look gives off high society, Gossip Girl’s Serena Van der Woodson vibe.  

Did you know that all Tribe 35 leggings are designed to do three essential things: compress, control, and contour your midsection? Just because you might be a mama bear doesn’t mean you have to walk around with a bulging stomach pouch.We’ve got you! Once you experience our leggings first-hand, you’ll see that they’re multifunctional, taking you from workouts to zoom calls with your team.  

October 04, 2022 — Nataly Chicas