Twenty years ago, our co-founders met and developed a sisterhood through wellness. They were tired of being ridiculed for being fat girls and made a determination to change the way we're seen in the world of fitness. While they were always the loudest and largest in the room, they were also the only ones in the school gym after school working out. Despite what others thought, the reality is that they were healthier and stronger than many of their peers that were physically much smaller than them.

You see, it was only recently that society took notice of the plus size market. While we're still shopping in the basement corners of department stores, the rise of body positivity through Lizzo and mega influencers like Tess Holiday and Glitters and Lazers, has changed the future for the better.

EVERY BODY Rock Your Body - the Backstreet Boys were ahead of their time! We all should feel confident, supported, and good in our clothing. It is the first impression of ourselves to strangers and we have to wear them all day, which makes the topic important. Every plus size woman has experienced ill fitting clothing because they were made for us as an afterthought.

You can tell when the fit is just off - the waistbands are low and fold, the material is thin and see through, but the styles are SO cute. We wonder why we can’t also have the cute designs on our clothing, designs that flatter our bodies - body shaping leggings.


Now we can.


Tribe 35 is an all new solutions focused move wear brand for women. We custom make leggings with body shaping technology, to help you get the look you desire. In the 2 year process of engineering patent pending designs, we developed the 4 C’s to give women their choice in the fit of their leggings. 


Compress features maximum hold waistbands with ultra compression on your lower abdomen. Our body sculpting, built-in compression leggings fit like a glove. It lifts your butt, snatches your waist, and accentuates your curves. It’s moisture-wicking fabric promotes cooling throughout all your workouts. The Corset Legging from the Black on Black Collection is the first categorized Compress legging.


Contour features body shaping style lines and designs to accentuate an hourglass figure with moderate compression on the hips. Can’t speak of contour without mentioning couture. Our contour V-Legging is designed to give you a fun and flirty look with its V shaped waist band that’s double layered with style lines that mimics your natural curve. Fabric is breathable, moisture-wicking, and has 4-way stretch.   


Control features ultra high, double layered waistbands that highly support your entire stomach. Its form retaining resilience helps achieve maximum support. The Ultra High Waist Legging with its sexy cheetah print detail, will make you feel secure and in control of your workout!

  • Tummy tucked
  • Waist snatched
  • Squat- proof
  • Confidence on high


Comfort features a looser fit made with buttery soft fabric and all way stretch for ultimate lounging. It’s sexy and casual for those Netflix n’ Chill sessions. Our first comfort legging is coming soon. In the meantime, we’d love for you to take a 2-minute survey because your opinion is extremely important to us.


Body shaping is not about losing weight or permanently changing your physical appearance. It’s about giving you the fit and feel that you desire - for working out, work, or whatever. Every BODY deserves that.