Today, we're unpacking the 7 benefits of making the switch from wearing waist trainers to our compression legging, The Corset Legging.

Now, hear us out. Waist trainers are modern-day corsets that help reduce water weight on your stomach and give you a temporary hourglass figure look. Unfortunately, they're not sustainable even though they have a cult following and social media search results that rival those of your favorite celebrities. Oh, the medical community wants you to avoid wearing them like The Plague---we previously discussed those reasons in our blog post, Why Compression Leggings are Set to Replace Waist Trainers – Tribe 35.

Now, compression leggings, namely our signature offering, The Corset Legging, have tons of benefits that will help lessen your separation anxiety from wearing waist trainers, while also snatching your waist and compressing for a long lasting cinched affect.


Here are the 7 Benefits of Wearing Our Corset Legging

1. Cost-Efficient

No one spends more money on workout machines, fitness gear, and accessories like newbie fitness junkies. We get the excitement about changing your body and reaching your fitness goals. However, they learn quickly that all those items in their Fitness Baddie Starter Kit will start to add up.

With our Corset Legging, you don't need waist trainers and leggings to help give you an hourglass figure. Our Corset Legging alone suffices with cinching in your mid-section, accentuating your curves, and is thick enough to be worn as a regular bottom.

2. Squat-Proof

If you’re an active wear connoisseur, you’ve probably experienced a pair or two of bad leggings. They were either see-through or constantly rolled down. Most of us have larger hips and smaller waists causing our pants to fit the butt and roll down at the top, or we think we're getting high rise leggings, but it's only high rise on smaller bodies...

To solve the issue of rolling waistbands, we have designed a patent pending, premier product with custom built in shape wear. Our Corset legging is double layered and has a 4-way stretch, making it completely opaque. You’ll be able to move with ease and do squats without fearing that all your ASSets will be out on display.

3. Chafing-Proof

If your inner thighs are starting fires due to your leggings, it's time to dump them in place of our Corset Legging. The fabric is buttery soft and is moisture wicking-- meaning it dries fast during mid to intense workouts. Chafing can cause prolonged skin irritation and discomfort during physical activity.

Another cause of chafing is not wearing your proper size. This is common for curvy women who have limited options. Tribe 35 prioritizes offering plus-size leggings for that very reason. We love our curves, but for some odd reason, finding designers who cater to our curves is a dime a dozen.

Women's Health suggests 15 Best Anti-Chafing Products For Irritated Skin, but if you hate wearing ointments in between while you're working out, prevent chafing by trying our Corset Legging.

4. Size-Inclusive

If you’re a curvy woman, it's even more crucial to have a pair of leggings that fit, are functional, non-chafing, and most importantly, stylish, given the limited choices on the market for plus size leggings. Tribe 35 was founded by two curvy best friends who were tired of searching high and low for move wear and plus-size leggings that fit.

When the founders got into the custom development of the Black on Black Collection, they realized that most fashion brands that claim size inclusive fit their clothing on straight size models, sizes 4-8, and just grade up to plus sizes. When this happens, the fit of the garments in plus sizes do not flatter plus size bodies. The shape of a woman is drastically different between a small or medium and a 3X or 4X, for example.

We fit on plus size models from early product conception, because we specialize in plus size leggings. Our sizes presently range from Small to 4X. We're adding more sizes to our future collections, because plus size women should never be an afterthought. 

5. Post-Surgery Friendly

While we promote our proprietary fitness system, Tribe 35, where we encourage 35 minutes of intense daily workout, we know that sometimes women in our community take alternative or additional approaches to achieving their body goals. This is a judgment-free zone, so if achieving your revenge body, newly divorced body or Mommy Makeover body requires you to go under the knife, then so be it.

Our Corset Legging is a great compression garment to help keep your surgical bandages in place and support your movements while your body heals. In a blog post, we recently covered a new series on Lifetime starring singer K Michelle, My Killer Body with K Michelle – Tribe 35. The entire series focuses on individuals who experienced major complications months, even years after their cosmetic surgeries.

Compression leggings will be your best friend after major procedures like liposuction, butt injections, and BBLs.

6. Postpartum Friendly

Women who are postpartum benefit significantly from wearing compression leggings. Compression leggings adjust to one's body transformation. Also, who wants to wear mom jeans when you've just finished carrying a human inside of you?

Our Corset Legging is what we call functional fashion--it supports and gently compresses the lower abdomen that has just been stretched and pulled growing a little human inside of you. Without compression technology, the lower abdomen stays loose and moves much more freely than the other areas of fat on the body.

It is what many women call their "mom pouch", and it gets in the way of snapping back to your pre-baby body. With the Corset Legging, new moms experience alleviated lower back pain and reduced swelling in the legs with full body support for all of the movement in their lives.

7. Fashionable

These aren’t your grandma’s compression stockings to alleviate her varicose veins (Hey, Nana). The Corset legging is designed for women who live a busy lifestyle. She goes from work to play while getting her 35 minutes or more of fitness workout in between.

The Corset Legging is high-waisted with built-in compression. It sculpts the butt and cinches in the waist. Oh, and there's a thick waistband and discreet pocket where you can secure your smartphone.

The science behind compression leggings is what they do for the body during workouts and recovery. Wearing our Corset Legging helps increase blood circulation throughout your body, supports your muscles during workouts, and promotes muscle recovery post workouts. Wearing compression leggings might not be essential to a person who doesn't follow a fitness lifestyle or prefers style over functionality. However, anyone who sits or travels for a prolonged period can benefit from wearing our Corset Legging. 

Whether you're a newbie to the fitness life or you're an OG, compression leggings can do wonders for your workouts. We're not telling you to throw out all your existing leggings that are non-compression; however, wearing them will not help to maximize your workouts.

While you're adapting to a lifestyle where you're reading labels to make smarter food choices, consistent with your 35 minutes or more daily workouts, apply that same diligence with choosing the move wear you purchase.

Check out our Corset Legging in action here.