Lifetime Joins Forces with Love & Hip Hop Star in New Series: My Killer Body with K Michelle

For years, R&B Singer and Reality T.V. Show Star K. Michelle has been making her media rounds discussing life after her many body transformation procedures, specifically her illegal silicone butt injections. From appearances on Dr. Phil to The Wendy Williams Show, she has lamented over and bore her soul about needing 13 reconstructive surgeries to correct her botched butt injections.

In conjunction with the Cable network, Lifetime comes a new series, “My Killer Body with K Michelle.” Recently, viewers got a sneak peek of the 1st episode affectionately titled "Suffering in Silence," which followed the stories of two mothers reeling over their botched procedures. The show officially premieres February 3rd, 2022, and will follow the same cadence for every episode, where two individuals will share their stories with the “Can’t Raise a Man” singer, K Michelle.  

In episode #1, we’re introduced to Que and Sung. Que is a nurse and mom who received silicone butt injections but never shared with anyone, including her children and best friend. She confessed that she was motivated to get butt injections due to her insecurities about her weight and believed it had a lot to do with her being unlucky in love. She thought the butt injections would boost her self-esteem and make her more desirable to the opposite sex. Once constant butt itching, pain, and even hair loss became her reality after receiving butt injections many years prior, she was too embarrassed to reveal to anyone what was going on. “I didn’t want the judgment,” she shared through tears. On the other hand, Sung is a married mother of two who got liposuction and a tummy tuck as part of her Mommy Makeover. After her tummy tuck, when her stomach appeared to black--a sign of necrosis or dead tissue--she knew her procedure was unsuccessful.

The episode goes on with each woman sitting down with K Michelle separately and eventually finding doctors to perform their reconstructive surgeries. Each woman will need several surgeries to get their bodies back to "normal." The episode ends in triumph, with each woman experiencing major improvement in their condition.

One question that we must ask ourselves: how did we get here? Why are women going through extreme lengths to achieve the “killer body?” K Michelle revealed the pressures of looking "perfect" given the industry she's in, while Que and Sung, both plus-size women, referenced their issues with their body image. We can always “blame” social media for the surge of women getting cosmetic surgeries, but critiques on women’s bodies and insecurities are nothing new. 

Here at Tribe 35, while we encourage body positivity, loving your curves, and putting in at least 35 minutes of intense working out each day, we’re supportive of women who decide to make surgical body enhancements to their own bodies. We support a woman’s right to choose what is best for her own body, and shed no judgment. We're realistic and understand that women have various reasons for choosing to go under the knife -- sometimes it has nothing to do with wanting to be a Kim K clone or an IG model. Bearing this in mind, we’ve designed our move wear collection made of compression leggings, sports bras, and tops to address women at all stages in their bodies. We're size inclusive, but plus size leggings are our niche as evidenced by our wide selection of sizes for plus size leggings. 

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We hope that this K Michelle's series is eye-opening to women and just people in general who want to get cosmetic surgery. Finding reputable licensed doctors with a proven track record for success means the difference between having a successful surgery or scratching your butt in the bathroom in between seeing patients (watch the series to find out what we're talking about).  

Are you going to tune in to My Killer Body with K Michelle? Let us know in the comments below!

January 29, 2022 — DENISE HOPKINS