The convenience of throwing on a pair of plus-size leggings to perform the simplest tasks like taking your kids to school or running to the post office is unmatched! If leggings are part of your daily active or casual wear, then you know that not all of them are made equal, especially if you're a plus-size woman.   

For most popular activewear brands, plus-size women's clothing is an afterthought. Meaning by the time their design teams get to creating leggings made for our bodies, they fall short terribly!

Read here why our founders decided to create Tribe 35 with plus-size women as the focal point, leading the charge for healthier and fit plus-size bodies worldwide!

Using their own experiences and the collective experiences of women globally, they developed plus-size leggings based on the shortcomings of brands that continue to show their naivety of the plus-size woman's body.  

When you invest the time to research and shop for high-quality plus-size leggings, you'll prevent the embarrassment of wearing a pair that doesn't cut it.  

Let's dive briefly into what qualifies as a high-quality pair of leggings and what is considered the Dollar Tree (no shade) version. 


Here are 5 Reasons You're Wearing The Wrong Plus Size Leggings  

Not Squat-Proof 

A pair of leggings is squat-proof when you can perform squats or other exercises without your panties showing. Your leggings should be opaque enough (and not see-through) to leave something to the imagination. A pair of leggings being squat-proof is based on aesthetics rather than functionality. 

Lacks Compression 

Compression in workout clothing aids in muscle stability and recovery. After performing strenuous muscle-inducing exercises and having a post-workout drink, compression in leggings will help to return oxygen to your leg muscles and mitigate muscle fatigue. If you're not used to working out regularly, you'll need as much support as possible.  

Lacks Tummy Control 

All Tribe 35's leggings are high-waisted to promote great contouring and tummy control that smooths out your curves. You should look good in leggings, not sloppy. If the top of your leggings falls underneath your tummy, perhaps you need a different size, or you're wearing a pair that lacks superior tummy control. 

Lacks 4-Way Stretch 

A garment is 4-way stretch-friendly when it can extend crosswise and lengthwise. This is a great functionality feature that promotes flexibility and mobility. You don't need a pair of leggings that will leave you stiff and unable to do the simplest exercises like lunges and squats. 

Not Sweat Wicking 

We're a move wear company, so we want you to break a sweat, not drown it. A sweat-wicking pair of leggings removes moisture away from the body instead of attracting it. Polyester is a great fabric that promotes sweat or moisture-wicking. Hence why all of Tribe 35's leggings have 88% polyester, which makes them ideal for working out while remaining cool.  

In Conclusion 

Given how leggings have become a staple in our everyday wardrobe, shopping for them requires the same energy as finding the best pair of jeans and the quintessential little black dress! 

December 09, 2022 — Nataly Chicas