When you look good, you feel good. This is a very common saying, but what does this actually mean? Who’s standards of good are you measuring this against? Any answer other than your own is wrong, and this is where body positivity came from. 

We have the ability to become whoever we want to be, simply by changing our mindset. If you have gained and lost weight noticeable weight in the past, the most important takeaway is that you are still the same person with the same good heart. Our physical appearance is just that, an appearance. The minute that we decide to choose a positive outlook on our bodies, no matter what, our mental health soars.

Overweight people are one of the most overlooked oppressed groups of people. We are paid less than our counterparts, particularly women. What has started as mean kids in school has now gone into the workplace in our adulthood, and we have to do something about it.

"Fat jokes" are not funny because they're at the expense of someone else; fat jokes are meant to negatively affect others because there is still negative connotation with the word fat. When you hear it, call it out and encourage others to do the same. We think we should embrace FAT, and use the word more freely! It's a great way to start to truly make change in our community.

Thankfully, society has woken up and are starting to recognize the disparity that fat people face, and place a level of importance on it. Representation is very important, and representation of different body shapes are needed. Not all fat women have the same thick hourglass body shape we see online and in magazines, and now on the runway.

We come in apple, pear, and strawberry shapes too - and we're desperately wanting to see the diversity here as well. When you put on your Tribe 35 Body Shaping Leggings, your natural shape will transform into an hourglass silhouette or will accentuate an hourglass figure even more. We don't need to lose weight to get the body shape that we want, we just need high quality compression leggings with thoughtful structure.

We still have a lot of work to do. While influencers like Tess Holliday, Anna O'Brien, and Gabi Fresh have paved the way for confidence no matter our size, body shaming still exists.

Heading to the beach this summer? Girl, we hope so! Every body is a beach body!

Grab your favorite sexy summer style from Coco et Dolce and get some sun and salt water on the beach or take the kids to their favorite amusement part. Face those scary situations head on. Unsure of what I mean?

Raise your hand if the thought of going to the beach or amusement park fills you with anxiety. Standing in a long line only to get to the front with hundreds of people watching you squeeze into the seat, pull the harness down over your head and shoulders, and not be able to lock it closed. Please speak up to management if this happens to you, and demand the equality we deserve.

Airlines eventually listened - Jet Blue seats are slightly larger than the average economy class seat, at 18.4 inches. They even offer premium economy class, for a small price increase, they get a 38 inch pitch and priority boarding. Even more amazing is that in 2018, they announced that they do not require passengers to purchase an additional set. Talk about a step in the right direction!

Be proud of who you are and love ALL of you, no matter what size you are. That detail is so menial, it really should not even be mentioned. Looking forward to a society in which ones physical size is less of a conversation. Our mental health deserves it.

May 19, 2022 — DENISE HOPKINS