If you’re at a crossroad with your workout routine and you’ve had more cheat days than Khloe Kardashian’s baby daddy, Tristan Thompson, then you may want to find ways to reignite your workout motivation.

We get it-- when the cold air and wind hit your face, they knock you right back into your bed. 

And the lack of sun during the fall and winter months doesn’t help either. Who wants to exercise in the dark, anyway? 

However, you’ve come too far in your workouts not to push yourself to continue to pursue your fitness and health goals. 

Besides, you look way too cute in our breathable and sweat-wicking corset leggings and Double Support Sports Bra to retire them just yet. 

At Tribe 35, we’re all about making small changes that lead to major results. 

Tribe 35 was created with the premise that 35 minutes of vigorous exercise 5 days a week can yield tremendous results, so by no means are we telling you to sign up for a Spartan Race. 

Getting back on a health and wellness journey is all about making some lifestyle and mindset changes.  

We have a few tips below that are less overwhelming than you think. 

Re Discover Your Why for Working Out 

Don’t dismiss this by thinking, “duh, I want to look better in my clothes.” 

Like who doesn’t want to look good in their clothes? Thank goodness for shapewear!!! Oh, our compression legging holds that tummy in and makes that booty sit up just right! 

Knowing your “why” sometimes goes deeper than aesthetics. Some people suffer from fertility and heart issues where losing weight and getting fit are their best courses of action. 

Also, there are people where Diabetes has wreaked havoc on their families, leaving family members with lost limbs, eyesight, and much more. They want to stop this generational “curse” and get in front of it. 

Everyone’s why looks different. Knowing what’s yours can mean the difference between completely abandoning your fitness journey or reigniting it for good.   

Create New Workout Motivations Affirmations 

Anything you want to accomplish in life starts in the mind. Be it earning 6-figures, completing a 5k running marathon, or even losing weight.

Be careful how you talk to yourself. Even simply saying, “I just can’t today,” places you in a position of defeat. Change your language to “I can’t exercise right now, but after I wrap up my meetings at 6 p.m. I can get at least 35 minutes of workout.” 

Also, don't be afraid to talk to yourself as if you’re talking to a homegirl. 

  • You got this b****.  
  • Yasssssssss, b****. I see you.
  • You’re about to be a problem in these streets. 
  • What’s that? Is that a sound of a hater hitting the unfollow button when they see this new body?
  • Squats in the streets. Booty and these cheeks. 

You can also be a little less “ratchet” with your affirmations as well.

  • I lost 20 1bs before and I can do it again!
  • I look and feel like a million bucks when I commit myself to working out. I want to continue that feeling. 
  • I like what exercising does for stamina and energy level. 
  • My self-esteem really increased once I decided to commit to a workout routine. I like that feeling and I work hard to get it! 
  • I like having the energy to play with my kids and run my business without feeling tired.  

Shop for Stylish Workout Clothes 

We don’t know about you, but we love looking super cute, girly, and well put together when we work out.

Sometimes, when you jumpstart your fitness journey, you might throw on just about anything like a mismatched wrinkled t-shirt and leggings. Your hair might look disheveled and your lips might be chapped! 

You can hit weights while looking great!! 

Disclaimer: We know that the type of clothes you wear has nothing to do with the type of results you get. 

However, sometimes poor quality shoes and workout gear that have no support can affect your workout experience. 

Who wants to work out when their leggings are riding down? That’s why we created plus-size leggings that give maximum support and comfort. 

New workout clothes like our matching Tribal legging and bra set do help to give you a boost of self-esteem and confidence when you’re working out while looking good. And a brand-new pair of sneakers or running shoes don’t hurt either. 

Switch Up Your Workout Routine or Location

Still, waiting to use the stairmaster or treadmill at your local gym? No wonder you’re not motivated. 

Got a car? Go to another gym location or sign up for a free trial at a competing gym. 

You’ll never know what type of experience is waiting for you. You might be pleasantly surprised that you’ll have access to more machines and perks. 

Have you taken a fitness class yet? Think you can’t keep up? There are beginner’s fitness classes everywhere and instructors who won’t let you fall behind. 

YouTube is a great resource for new workout plans or for people to follow. Please note, everyone on there is not certified to teach classes. They’re learning just like you what works for them. 

Reward Yourself With a Purchase or Vacation 

Once you recognize your why for working out, raise the stakes on your fitness goals by setting up a reward system. 

This reward system can be simply getting a new dress once you lose 10 1bs. Not just any dress. The dress might be out of your price range, but it’s a treat since you hit a milestone. 

If you don’t think you’re disciplined enough to create this reward system on your own, perhaps you can partake in a weight loss contest at work or can create one. 

Ditch Your Accountability Partner For Someone Who’s More Dedicated 

Being told to get an accountability partner is a fan favorite for articles and blogs on starting your fitness journey.

However, an accountability partner is only worth the time investment if you meet someone who is just as dedicated as you are. 

And while a fitness journey doesn’t have to be done alone, it’s a very personal thing. 

Don’t miss out on going to the gym because your accountability partner decides to sleep in instead. 

Don’t fall back into old eating habits because your accountability partner won’t heed your advice about staying away from restaurants that don’t have healthy food options. 

You’re not in a contract partnership with your accountability partner-- you can’t always get another one. 

When you begin your search, look for someone or people who are more advanced in their fitness journey than you. Chances are, they have gotten the excuses and bad habits out of their systems.

Join a Facebook Fitness Group 

It’s 2022, there’s a group for everything on Facebook. You can find a fitness group based on your race, income bracket, marital status, age group, etc.  

Being in a group where you can share your highs, lows, and in-betweens will help you to stay motivated and not feel alone. 

Some groups host meetups, which are great for socializing and keeping up the momentum. 

And while you can make friends at the gym, not everyone goes there to socialize or make a gym buddy. 

Being part of a group is more intentional for making friends. 

Remove Your Triggers From Your Life 

If we here at Tribe 35 took a poll and asked our readers how they arrived at their current weight, we’d get a myriad of answers. 

There are many triggers in life that can lead to overeating and lack of fitness. 

Sometimes, people’s home life doesn't support a healthy lifestyle. 

Removing triggers that can lead to you falling back to your old eating and fitness habits might be just what you need.  

If you know you lack control when you buy your favorite snack, you may have to find an alternative that won’t make you feel guilty. 

If you overeat because your job is super stressful and you’re in a soul crushing relationship, perhaps exiting stage left is what can start the healing process and hopefully reignite your workout motivation.  

Find Fitness Inspiration 

Social media is filled with fitness inspiration by people who have sculpted their bodies through exercise, dieting, and making lifestyle changes.

However, social media is also the land of make believe.

While we'd never BBL shame or look down on anyone who decided to get a little bit of nip and tuck, we don’t want you to compare your body to the ones that are surgically enhanced. 

You could be at the gym 7 days a week for 2 hours and still can’t achieve the Fashion Nova esque bodies found on social media.

Maybe your old body can be your fitness inspiration or someone you know can inspire you to get your butt back in the gym!  

And while having a magazine subscription might seem so antiquated, if you have any old magazines at home, perhaps you can make a fitness board to help inspire you.

In Summary 

Everything we want in life starts with a decision. Are you ready to stop making excuses and take control of your health and wellness? 

Once you make a decision, create a plan you can stick with. It should highlight barriers to reaching your fitness goals and things that can help you on your journey. 

Set realistic expectations. The “perfect” body is not created in one day or facilitated without its share of obstacles.    

With a mindset shift, a change in lifestyle habits, and being around fitness-minded people, you can undoubtedly re-jumpstart your workout motivation. 

October 18, 2022 — Nataly Chicas