Tribe 35 User Generated Content Terms of Use

Tribe 35 , LLC, (‘Tribe 35’) reaches out to social media users to seek their permission to feature their favourite content (‘the post’) on its internal and external marketing and promotional materials including various sites, emails and social channels. You are reading this because Tribe 35 has requested your permission to use your social media content in this way (‘purpose’).

Tribe 35 became aware of your post because you have a public social media account and our Social Media Team monitors social media activity for content associated with branded hashtags such as #Tribe35 or #Tribe35Move_wear

If you do not wish for your social media posts to be public please amend your privacy settings on your social media account.

By responding #Yes toTribe35 you hereby confirm you are solely responsible for your content ‘the post’, i.e. you own all rights to the content that sits within said post and/or have obtained appropriate rights and permissions from any and all other persons and/or entities who own, manage or otherwise claim any rights with respect to such content and you certify that you are at least 18 years of age.

By responding #YestoTribe35 you additionally agree to these Terms of Use and grant Tribe 35 the right to:

  • Use your post for the ‘purpose’ only;
  • Store your post and social media username for the ‘purpose’ only. Tribe 35 will store your post and username in connection with the purpose;
  • Edit your post or publish edited or partial versions of your post, provided that Tribe 35 shall not edit the post in such a way as to create a misleading impression of your views;
  • Display your social media username alongside the post for the purpose only;
  • A non-exclusive, worldwide, transferable, royalty-free, irrevocable, perpetual right and licence without compensation to use your Content as set out in these terms and conditions.

You may subsequently request that Tribe 35 removes your post from our marketing and promotional materials.  Please get in touch with, we will then remove your post as soon as possible.

For more information about how Tribe 35 intends to use your post and username, please contact

Tribe 35 reserves the right to alter these Terms of Use without advance notice by posting a revised Terms of Use. Accordingly, you should review the Terms of Use each time you grant permission or authorisation to feature your User Content.

We may not repost the content.