Who We Are


We design ready-to-wear solutions for women looking to enhance their natural shape. With built-in body sculpting technology made with high-quality fabrics, each design is crafted to solve "problem" areas many women face. Using our extraordinary design and development process, we’ve taken our robust market research results and have given women a choice of how they want their leggings to fit.

The 4 C’s® represent the purpose each of our leggings serve: Control, Compress, Contour, or give Comfort to the body. We hand make every single one of our designs with the curvy woman in mind to ensure a beautiful silhouette. Started by two best friends and mothers who have always been curvy - from size 10 to 24 (we have been every size in between), we never hated our bodies; we learned to love and appreciate them despite not being super thin.

Tribe 35 gives 10% of each sale to She's First Gen, a non-profit dedicated to empowering female entrepreneurs with scholarships and resources. Together with your support, we are helping women every year to start, fund, and grow their businesses. 

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