Believe it or not, leggings and tights dominate the Halloween season. 

When was the last time you saw your favorite action hero or anyone worth dressing up as for Halloween in jeans or sweatpants? Exactly!

Well, it’s fair for us to say that our corset leggings are the gateway to the perfect Halloween costumes. 

We know, we know! These leggings are just versatile AF. 

What other leggings where you can work out in them, arrange casual fall outfits with (read our blog post on fall fashion and our leggings), and now you can create Halloween outfits? 

Below are some fun Halloween Costume Ideas Using Our Corset Legging & More!

Transform Yourself Into Sandy Dee from “Grease” 

There’s a special place in our hearts for the Late British-Australian legend Olivia Newton-John. The actress and singer passed away this year on August 8, 2022. :( 

We seriously doubt you’ll be alone in your Halloween tribute to her  breakout role Sandra Dee in Grease, which made her a superstar.  However, you can really stand out in one of the customers’ faves leggings. 

To go for that ultimate Sandra Dee look, while turning greasy heads, we suggest going with our Ultra High Waist Leggings-- get one size down than your regular size. You need to look snatched like Sandra, baby. 

When Sandra stepped out in her hot pants, crop top, and fiery red heels, she came out snatching wigs. In honor of Olivia, you better do the same! 

Become Peg Bundy from “Married With Children” 

Peg Bundy is our kind of housewife. She wore leggings, barely did housewife duties, ate bonbon all day, and gave her husband hell! 

She’s a style icon in her own right and deserves every single imitation of her likeness during the spookiest time of the year!!

This is another costume idea where our Ultra High Waist Leggings fit perfectly with the overall aesthetic. 

With these leggings, all you need is a voluminous red wig, a cheetah-print halter top, and some kitten heels. 

Recreate Janet Jackson’s Look in Rhythm Nation Music Video 

During Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation era she had little girls across America -- and maybe the world--donning all-black ensembles with a hint of silver hardware.

With the right accessories and our corset leggings which are squat dance moves approved and breathable, you can win The 

Best Halloween Costume Award if retired supermodel Heidi Klum doesn’t show you up. 

Assassinate Your Halloween Costume Competition In a Sexy Ninja Outfit with Corset Leggings 

Ninjas are sleuths and move with great agility in pursuit of surprising their targets. Good thing our squat-proof and sweat-wicking corset leggings are Crouching Tiger-ready and can help to get the job done. 

Pair these leggings with a form-fitting black top with a red accent. 

Don’t forget your sword and head garment!      

It’s Black Cat Season 

This is probably the only time of the year when black cats get associated with something else besides bad luck.

Dressing up as a sexy black feline is so Halloween. 

And what’s even better is the simplicity of just throwing on cat ears and adding whiskers to your makeup.

Our high-waist leggings provide a great canvas to really outdo yourself if you choose. 

Who doesn’t want to see a plus-size sexy kitten with accentuated curves?   

Witch, Please! 

When all else fails, become a witch-- only for Halloween, though. Dressing up as a witch is one of the simplest Halloween costumes you can wear.   

All you have to do is dress in complete black, with our leggings of course, and rock a witch hat. 

The makeup you wear is up to you. 

You can be a sexy witch or an evil one, whatever you choose. 

In Conclusion 

Whoever said wearing leggings was a lifestyle was absolutely right! We created our leggings to be versatile and serve you on all occasions!  

October 24, 2022 — Nataly Chicas